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Post Reply. See -1 more reply. Peppersmom May 11, It sounds like your dad is in a large facility.

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The cost is much less that the corporate large places and he will get better care if the staff is competent. They should not be charging you extra money, but rather have the door alarm on. We are not allowed to lock them in, but the door alarm help in small homes as one can get to them fast. Sometimes residents try to escape when they want to go for a walk, or are new and need to settle in. The staff should be taking him for a walk.

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As the disease progresses they sometimes stop wandering. Get him a bracelet from the Alzheimer's association and inform the local police department that he is in their area. Reply to Peppersmom.

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EllerySir May 11, When assets are used, he shoukd be eligible for Medicaid. I had premium insurance including long term care. It was useless because I kept Christy at home. I had to enroll her in Medicaid when I retired early to care for her. However, there are no facilities capable of her care.

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The managed care health plans deceive and manipulate to win the contract bid, then do as they please. We had to relocate family members from other states to be home care attendants. They are paid by Medicaid for 3 shifts 7 days per week. That is Congress intent to keep her out of a facility. I am respecting our much criticized Congress. Reply to EllerySir. See 0 more reply. Llamalover47 May 10, Money can be drained quickly. It would be best to ask the trained medical professional, i. Helpful Answer 2. Reply to Llamalover MaryKathleen May 10, I don't know where you are but in California my girlfriend's hubby was I a lockdown facility.

Very beautiful,good care, it had a double fence around it. Both inside and outside fences had locked gates. There was a key for EMS. Reply to MaryKathleen. Campis May 10, I'm in the same boat with my mom.

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It's so expensive. I'm not sure what will happen when her money runs out in a couple of years. She'll have to go on Medicaid and the MC she is in now doesn't accept Medicaid, so she'll have to move to another facility. I don't know the timing of all this? When do we apply for Medicaid and start looking for another facility? What happens if there's a waitlist for the facility yet she can't afford the MC anymore? Helpful Answer 1. Reply to Campis. Helpful Answer 6. Reply to moecam.

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One of the posts per shift was to sit by the exit doors. Naturally, other posts were to tend to the patients and the wanderers. One of my neighbors is at this facility now and she is a big escape artist! Reply to nymima. Psalms23 May 10, Good to hear that there are places with trustworthy and caring workers Mjlarkan May 10, Please check into other facilities.

Even check a different state. There may be different rules.

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Helpful Answer 4. Reply to Mjlarkan. A good nursing home will take care of your dad, even when his money runs out. That's when Medicaid takes over. I volunteer at one of these amazing places with hard-working, dedicated people. Take action now and find a place near you if possible. Then tell your dad that you will visit him every day. You don't want to make him feel abandoned. Get in there early the next first day.


After a month, he will feel right at home. I would still keep visiting him. When my mom was in a nursing home, I would even take her on vacations with me and to the movies and on car rides. Don't do that too soon after you have placed him in a nursing home yet, and ALWAYS make sure he knows that you will be bringing him back to the nursing home afterwards. If you do not think that you can physically get him back out of the car and into the nursing home on your own, alert the nursing staff in advance. This might be hard on your heart at first, but your job is to keep your dad safe.

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  • Do the best you can. Reply to 20Eagle Savitaa May 10, It's not sustainable.

    I know the situation, too, with my dad. I finally moved him into a small senior group home. A residence transformed in a home. There are alarms on all the doors. If he calls out, they can hear him. It's a god-send OneRepublic feat. Santigold No Vacancy OneRepublic feat. Live In South Africa. Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4. Pepper Member.