The Death Collector (Joe & Sam Parker 2)

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Names and traits. As the law is your day job, do you take a lot of inspiration from the cases you see at work? What I do take from the job is the knowledge that whatever I can think of, I can open a file and find something worse. There are no limits to human depravity. Thank you, Liz.

Death scenes should make you want to avert your eyes so I try to put a lot into them. I enjoy books where there are two characters working alongside each other; in fact, most crime fiction works like this. Even Jack Reacher has someone with him for the ride in each book. What works best is where there is contrast or conflict. In my first five books, I paired a detective and a crime reporter as a couple, as I thought there was conflict.

With the new books, I wanted to go down a more legal route.

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I like legal thrillers. As a younger defence lawyer, I remember well the conflicts with police officers, where often the morality of my job was pointed out to me. I figured, therefore, that the two main characters should be a detective and a defence lawyer, because therein lies conflict. Once I decided that a detective and a defence lawyer was the most conflicted pairing, they had to have a relationship where they could judge each other. So brothers seemed the obvious choice. Bound together by blood, pulled apart by professional choices.

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Each brother was motivated to follow his own career path by that murder. I would get everyone to just chill out a bit.

The Death Collector

Let people have opposite views and stay at peace with your own. Joe must confront the demons of his past as he struggles to come to terms with the darkness that this man represents. Little does Joe Parker know that Bagley is smarter than anyone has given him credit for, and soon Joe will find himself pitched against his own brother, Sam, in a race to outwit the most terrifying serial killer the city has ever seen. As soon as they looked, they backed away, screaming. DI Sheldon Brown has never recovered from finding the body of Alice Kenyon brutally murdered, naked and abandoned.

Who killed the notorious millionaire in such a bloodthirsty way? With jaded lawyer Charlie Barker, who desperately needs to pick up the pieces of his own life, Sheldon will uncover a world of murder, drugs, long-buried secrets and a cult with a deadly conviction to their cause…. The body bears a chilling similarity to a woman — Deborah Corley — murdered three weeks earlier. Both have been stripped, strangled and defiled. It seems that the two murdered women were linked in more ways than one and a dirty secret is about to surface that some would prefer stay buried.

As the killer circles once more, Jack and Laura must stop him before he strikes again. Worst of all, scratches found on her makeshift coffin signal that the unthinkable took place — Nancy was buried alive. Conspiracy theories say hotshot barrister and handsome TV presenter Gilbert murdered his wife and then killed himself, but with no body ever found, the mystery has remained unsolved.

Until now! But as Jack sets off on the trail of Gilbert — and the news scoop of his career — he quickly finds that the truth is stranger than the headlines.

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And as Jack chases the story, he and girlfriend Laura McGanity, attempting to earn her sergeant stripes in the local police force, quickly become pawns to a twisted individual with their own agenda! Parts of this book are so tense that I found myself hunched over it, desperate to find out what happened next, but fearful of what it might be…..

When Luke Howarth is found fatally stabbed to death in his bed, suspicion falls on his girlfriend, Sarah Goode — missing since his murder. Just another crime of passion with a tragic end. Or is it? Soon, Jack and Laura find themselves in mortal danger as they face an unhinged killer who is determined that they will pay with their lives…. A woman is found butchered on a Lancashire housing estate, her tongue and eyes brutally gouged out. Ritual murder or crime of passion?

Children are abducted and then returned to their families days later, unharmed but with no knowledge of where they have been — or who took them. DC Laura McGanity, having relocated from London, quickly learns that life up north is far from peaceful. She needs to solve these mystifying cases — but keep the local police on side.

A fantastic book. A Premiership footballer is murdered on a busy London street, and a country is gripped by terror. Crime-beat reporter Jack Garrett is convinced that this is no celebrity stalker. Could it be that people are not all they seem — and will do anything to keep themselves in the spotlight? This is my first introduction to Neil White. It had me hooked from the opening pages and I sat and read more than two thirds of it in one sitting. The plot is really tightly woven, the chapters are not overlong and keeps the reader more than interested to go onto the next one Before you know it hours have skipped by and it's dark outside and still I kept on reading.

The end I just had to get to no matter what. Did I guess who the perpetrator was? In this instance, no I didn't I didn't see it coming at all.

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Brilliantly done. I just couldn't put this book down, such was the power of the writing here. Not once did it let up or give me pause to think 'that didn't work. Suffice to say I may have become something of a fan of Mr White. I just hope the thought doesn't freak him out!!!

I highly recommend. View all 5 comments. Jun 03, Liz Barnsley rated it it was amazing Shelves: received-via-netgalley , favourite-series , highly-recommended , received-from-publisher , fiction-favourites , bloody-marvellous , not-enough-stars-in-the-world , read-in-a-day-couldnt-put-down , top-crime. Together they must solve a puzzling case that is chilling Manchester to the bone… Danger sometimes comes in the most unexpected guises. Plus you would have two in a row then and that would surely make you feel better. In this instalment the brothers deal with a miscarriage of justice, a new murder investigation gone awry and a dangerous killer that may be closer to home than they think.

I literally bit my fingernails at the possible outcome for one character I loved dearly — Mr White has killed me once before when it comes to horrific outcomes, no way I was falling for safe mode again or making any assumptions. Tightly woven and absolutely addictive, completely authentic because its coming from a place of knowledge — of the systems, of the people who inhabit that world — and it shows, there were absolutely no downsides here for me, I was in it all the way. I still havent made up my mind which of the brothers I love the most, they are so very different and yet alike as brothers are, perhaps I should do the parent thing and say I love them both equally.

Crime fiction is one of the biggest markets and it is often difficult to see the gems in the myriad of choices out there — since I read Fallen Idols and fell in love with the writing I have avidly devoured everything Mr White has written and have never once been disappointed. There is a reason for this — its because the books are brilliant.

Great writing, great stories, great characters, great mysteries. Every time. Whats not to love? Happy Reading Folks! Where previous books by Neil White have been reasonable, but nothing outstanding, this had the same faults which had curtailed my enjoyment of previous novels by the same author, plus a building pile of annoyances which left me disappointed overall.

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This was police procedural, with emphasis on the 'procedural'. White has obviously made good use of his knowledge of the police and legal professions, and most of this side of things was very believable. However, the writing was pretty plain and humo Where previous books by Neil White have been reasonable, but nothing outstanding, this had the same faults which had curtailed my enjoyment of previous novels by the same author, plus a building pile of annoyances which left me disappointed overall.

However, the writing was pretty plain and humourless, I didn't engage with the main characters, and as a consequence the book was a bit of a slog. The plot involves a lawyer and his maverick detective brother solving a series of connected murders and in doing so exposing an unjust conviction - the problem was, I just couldn't for one minute believe that the two characters would be motivated to, or be practically able to, go so utterly 'off piste' with no consequences.

So yes, though readable, this lacked drama you could get on board with, and the writing failed to elevate it above the very average of the type.

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Jun 07, Book Addict Shaun rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is book two and after reading it I'd say it can be read as a standalone, it does give away bits of the first book but not too much that you couldn't still enjoy reading it. I really enjoyed this book. Opening with a supposed Peeping Tom being arrested, lawyer Joe Hunter is called to the police station. The person arrested is a teenager by the name of Carl Jex who tells Joe he has information regarding an innocent man, Aidan Molloy, who was jailed for a murder he didn't commit.

Promising to meet with Joe the following day, Carl goes missing overnight. Carl's dad went missing months earlier so Carl's mother calls Joe for help. Neil's writing in these scenes was really atmospheric and descriptive. Joe's brother Sam is a police detective called to a body that has been dumped on the moors. His boss DCI Hunter is basically going against all protocol and seemingly messing up the investigation purposely.