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This is particularly important for a university such as UCL, which attracts students of an extremely high calibre. We now collect a good deal of information from our students about how they feel about UCL and their education — in module surveys, internal surveys and through the National Student Survey NSS.

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We will invest more comprehensively in this rich resource. The idea that we might bring students and staff together to solve problems, identify new directions and change cultures is particularly appropriate for UCL, with its traditions of collegiality and its future rooted in the participation and creation culture of the Connected Curriculum.

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Enhanced engagement with what students and staff can learn from each other is right for us at this stage of our development, and will set us well on the way to meeting the ambitions in UCL We are particularly keen to work in partnership with UCLU on this. The establishment of a coherent and consistent approach to student surveys, making clear to students why they matter and how the results drive institutional change.

This will include systems to ensure that staff receive the data from those surveys in ways that make it simple for them to determine how to respond. Surveys will become the entry-level activity of a broader culture of student participation.

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We will have moved to centrally-managed student module evaluation surveys by and built the technical and governance infrastructure to ensure that we are reviewing this information consistently and acting constructively in response to it. The Student Experience Committee StEC will become the primary focus for monitoring the quality of the student experience, providing senior-level scrutiny of a range of issues, and ensuring that we can demonstrate clear progress on areas that students report are unsatisfactory.

To develop a joint understanding with UCLU about the respective roles of the university and the union in building a culture of engagement for all students at UCL and to work collaboratively on engagement activities wherever possible. The group brings together the central student engagement mechanisms at UCL and reviews how effective they are in supporting a culture of student engagement.

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UCL Education strategy - Developing student engagement and leadership Developing student engagement and leadership: objective four of the Education Strategy To create cultures of student engagement and leadership. With speed and elegance, resilient leaders take action that responds to new and ever-changing realities, even as they maintain the essential operations of the organizations they lead. A resilient leader can spread a can-do attitude that permeates the larger school culture. When a school leader ensures that students, staff, and parents are not only informed but have an active voice in their school community, they build a culture of inclusivity, eliminating feelings of distrust, uncertainty, and hostility.

A Principal’s Perspective: The Importance of School Culture

Read more: Tips for Improving Effective Communication. Everyone wants to do well. School staff members work hard to ensure the best possible outcomes and experiences for their students.

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He helped me understand that recognition for hard work cannot only be recognized by the principal. It must be part of a culture of recognition by all in the building. That was a pivotal point for me. I could literally see how fast the culture can change just by providing and nurturing a culture that creates change.

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Create the sense that a family lives and works in the space by making hallway and classroom spaces visibly branded, warm, and engaging. In a study of 3, students and over classrooms across the United Kingdom, researchers from the University of Salford found that lighting, paint colors, temperature, and fresh air had the ability to positively impact student learning. Furthermore, classrooms that were well organized, displayed student work, and featured flexible arrangements improved student outcomes.

When students and staff arrive at school, they should feel a sense of pride, ownership, and community.

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Students look to school leaders and teachers to model empathy, kindness, and maturity. Kent D. School culture plays a major role in the success and development of staff in a school. So, too, does open-door policies and a culture where students and staff are encouraged to share their ideas and solutions.